Private Sale

Idols' goal is to include major public figures and influential celebrities into the ecosystem, as a result of which they attract their fan communities. Favoring the permanence of this user base through the delivery of solutions that bring value and social approximation.

The development of technology and inclusion of early celebrities in the Idols ecosystem are supplied by funds raised in the Idols primary adoption phases, following a schedule classified by the risk profile of the first adherents in the private sale, and secondly, the supporters via public offering.

Idol supporters in the private sale phase undergo a mandatory 12-month lock-up period for their Idols units, and this period will be counted after the end of the public offering scheduled for the end of July 2022.

The blackout period provided for all early Idols Coin supporters in private sale rounds is not only aimed at controlling fluctuations in token value in the cryptocurrencies market, but also seeks to reward early Idols supporters by entering them into the token distribution mechanism of personalities (stake pools) in the embryonic stage of the ecosystem, where these adherents will have access to the tokens of the first figures associated with Idols participating in the reward pools (pools).

Throughout the vesting period, celebrity tokens will be distributed to those supporters with immobilized Idols, after the end of the period the Idol holder can then choose to continue participating in the pools by staking their Idols on an optional basis.

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