Idols Pools

The initial distribution of tokens of all personalities will be done through the exclusive Stake Pools for Idol holders. The system will distribute celebrity fan tokens for free to people who decide to leave Idols Coin on Stake. Celebrity token distribution follows the equation below to determine the amount of tokens received by each Idols Coin unit in Stake:

                                ATL= AIL/CMS
  • ATL(Amount of tokens for each IDOLS locked)

  • AIL (Amount of IDOLS locked in Stake Pools)

  • CMS (Maximum supply of celebrity tokens, which by default will be 21 thousand units

All token supplies from any celebrity linked to Idols are distributed through Stake Pools. These tokens can later be traded using the trading instrument present on the Idols Platform (Exchange). All tokens will have trade parity with Idols Coin and other conventional cryptocurrencies.

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