Celebrities Token

Celebrity tokens are a new class of digital assets that are also known as “fan tokens,” which are binded to the exclusive utilities bestowed by a celebrity.

Ticker/ Symbol: to be created according to each celebrity

Network: Ethereum (ERC-20)

Maximum supply: 21,000

The goal of celebrity tokens is to create a social and individual economy for each figure associated with Idols, based on offering exclusive products and services that can only be consumed with their respective token, such as:

  • Private communities;

  • Exclusive events;

  • Backstage access;

  • Advance tickets;

  • And much more...

Idols sends personality tokens through smart contract technology in the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

The granting of the right to issue tokens to a certain figure comes from the decision of the Idols team and its advisors, at times the community of supporters may be granted the voting power to decide whether to include a new figure in the ecosystem.

Tokenization Benefits

The tokenized celebrity, in other words, the celebrity who decides to create 21,000 fan tokens of themselves, will have access to a campaign management platform and will participate in the following rewards programs:

  • 5% of the maximum supply of your own tokens;

  • 25% of the fees from trades that wrap your token forever;

  • 60% of total ICO revenue will be compensation to celebrity.

Celebrities Token distribution:

1- 5% - Celebrity (Lockup: 1 year);

2- 5% - Idols (Lockup: 1 year);

3- 10% - IDOLS Stakers;

4- 10% - Liquidity;

5- 70% - ICO.

ICO Revenue distribution:

1- 60% - Celebrity;

2- 30% - Liquidity;

3- 10% - Idols.

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