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Xerxes Frechiani is the founder of Double X Media, premium media and consultancy agency for businesses and personal brands. He is also an official member of the Forbes Council. “The inspiration for Idols came through some insights I had along my journey. From the moment I started betting heavily on the influence marketing industry, I started to have contact with several celebrities, and I noticed that as much as public figures create a very strong bond with their followers and fan base, they can hardly establish a direct or approximate bond between them. All this time I’ve been watching the evolution of digital media, which I personally believe have emerged solely to be a direct communication tool made to bridge geographic distances and bring people together. I could observe some malfunctions of these platforms that make interactions between fans and idols difficult. How can a celebrity establish close digital bonds with their fans without having parameters to distinguish haters and onlookers? What mechanisms can promote these interactions? How can idols and fans benefit from each other? Thus came Idols, the union of the celebrity industry with Blockchain technology. All thinking so that a fan connects with their idol and both classes are highly benefited.

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  • Double X Media - Premium media agency and consultancy for companies and personal brands. Responsible for the association of celebrities to the Idols ecosystem and accessory in digital marketing, social media and technological.innovation.

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