Exclusive Benefits

Idols is a platform that allows Personalities and brands to create new ways to monetize their content, generating social proximity. To do so, Idols will provide tools, data and interactive applications that provide unique experiences between idols and fans.

The main function of the tokens listed on the Idols platform is to represent access to a certain service or an exclusive experience for the token holders. In other words, the tokens are not intended to act as an asset for storing value or facilitating transfers, but rather to be a useful instrument, inserted in a specific ecosystem of brands and personalities that want to generate advantages and benefits for their customers. or fans.

The growndwork behind utility tokens is similar to the collectible tokens, whose valuation directly depends on their usability growth. As users of this ecosystem increase, so does the potential for using the token and its perception of value, impacting the price.

Idols is an international platform for interaction between personalities and their fan base. Therefore, to have access to interactions with a celebrity, the user will need to have their own token. The level of uniqueness of interactions a user will be able to establish with their idol will float based on gamification and the amount of coins each user has. Whoever owns tokens may have the right to participate in benefits such as the ones listed below:

  • Voting for decision making;

  • Promotional actions;

  • Exclusive communities;

  • Exclusive events;

  • Private chats;

  • Backstage access;

  • Access to VIP areas at shows;

  • Anticipation of tickets for events;

  • Special ticket prize draw;

  • Collectible items (digital and physical).

  • Among other exclusive benefits.


All people who acquire celebrity tokens will be entitled to participate in voting to make decisions together with the celebrity or brand, for example, concert costumes, set lists, locations and dates of events, among other decisions that the personality wants to be voted for.


Celebrities will be able to create spontaneous promotional actions so that a fan can be honored with a personalized act for a fan or a group of admirers. A video call with your idol, a face-to-face meeting, a dinner, a mention on social media. These actions are examples of personalized demands that a celebrity can grant to their fans. A fan can participate in a promotional action promoted by their idol according to the requirements imposed by the personality. It can promote a face-to-face meeting with the three biggest token owners fans, or request a minimum amount of tokens to compete for concert tickets, access to the dressing room or exclusive events.


Communities will be created for the exclusive use of those who hold the required amount of tokens to gain access. On this channel, fans will have first-hand information, exclusive content and will also be able to interact with each other.


By creating exclusive content, celebrities can provide their fans with an experience not available anywhere else. And through private chats within the Idols platform, a fan will be able to establish direct communication with their idol according to the amount of tokens they have.


Every true fan wants to have access to their idol's backstage or VIP areas but it's not always possible. With that in mind, one of the advantages of owning your artist's tokens is being able to have the privilege of accessing restricted areas and special places at the shows where your favorite artist performs.


The access to pre-tickets can often mean the guarantee that you will not miss the show you so much want to go to. In addition to this, it also means that you will be able to choose the best places to watch your favorite artist in the best possible way. Undoubtedly this is one of the best benefits a real fan can have.


Owning an exclusive digital item like an NFT or even a physical item like an autographed t-shirt demonstrates the admiration a fan has for their idol, for that the Idols Platform will have a marketplace where celebrities can advertise rare items so their fans can purchase them, as long as they have their respective tokens. In addition to the affective value expressed by a unique item, its holders can also benefit from the appreciation that a rare item can get over time, which may vary according to the reputation and prestige of the original creator of that item. The Idols Platform will also take care of certifying the originality of the items of all celebrities through a record on blockchain, assuring fans the origin of the celebrity's item and, consequently, the legitimacy of each one of them.

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